Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Cake Orders Part 2

Here's the rest of the cake orders for October:

Happy Birthday Logan!

For a little boy turning 5 who loves fighter jets. I made the jet out of gumpaste.

Happy Birthday Diane!

I made this cake for my aunt's birthday using Duff's (from Ace of Cakes) cake tattoos.

Happy Birthday Nancy!
For the diehard Mizzo fan. M-I-Z!! The logo was made by tracing a reversed image in buttercream and then freezing it. Here's a close up of the logo:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Cake Orders - Part 1

Yes, it is only October 2nd and I have already made all these cakes in October!
Baby Shower

Cake & cupcakes with fondant decorations for a butterfly themed baby shower

Happy Birthday Beatrice!
For a little girl's 4th birthday. She is obsessed with the color blue, so the castle and even the cake inside are blue!
Happy Birthday Madi!

For a little girl's 6th birthday. She requested something girlie and I loved watching her face light up when I delivered it. I bet she was even more excited when they cut into the cake.

Another Baby Shower

I was given the invitation as motivation for the design, but the converse shoes were a surprise. I have seen several pictures of other people making them and have been dying to try them myself. There's a few things I would do different next time, but overall I was really excited about them. Here's a close up of the shoes....