Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Birthdays

Between Scott and I's immediate families we have 5 birthdays within one month. Throw in his sister's wedding, my parent's wedding anniversary and my baby cousin's first birthday and it has been one busy month! Here's all the birthday cakes I made:

Laura's birthday cake - it was a jello poke cake so I had to get creative with the decorations. All decorations were made out of chocolate.

My mom's birthday cake - chocolate cake covered in fondant

My dad's birthday cake - white cake, white icing & coconut - his favorite!

Proof that my dad really does get cake every once in a while!

Amy's birthday cake - funfetti cake with buttercream and jumbo sprinkles

Scott's dad's cake - yes, there really are 60 candles on the side!

Cookie monster cupcakes for Jack's 1st birthday. The mouth & eyes are fondant and the cookie is cookie crisp cereal.

Jack's smash cake - he went straight from the high chair to the bath tub because he was pretty blue when he was done. :)

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