Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cake Decorating - Course 1 - Week 4

Course 1 was pretty much about borders, roses, writing, leaves and learning to make the buttercream icing the correct consistency. In weeks 2 - 4 we learned a different part of the rose each week.

For the final class I decided to be brave and try a fruit filling between the two layers of cake. I made a spice cake and used an apple filling. Fischers sells the fruit filling in bags and you just have to cut the tip of squeeze out the amount you need. Here's instructions on how to do a fruit filling:

First, you pipe a ring around the edge of the bottom layer to keep the filling from seeping out and running down the outside of the cake.

Squeeze some of the filling out onto the center of the cake and then spread it to the sides like you do jelly on toast. Then place the top layer on top and ice and decorate.

Here is my final product from Course 1:

This was my best rose, I need to find some time to practice them.
Now its on to Course 2 where we will learn flowers, flowers and more flowers and we begin working with royal icing. Luckily we don't need a cake again until the last week!

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