Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chicken Tacos

Tacos are probably a pretty common meal in most households, but most people don't think to use ground chicken rather than ground beef. I have gotten many people hooked on ground chicken and it is so much easier than cooking chicken breasts and shredding or chopping it. When I first introduced the chicken tacos to Scott, he had me make them so often that Laura won't eat them any more, and it used to be one of her favorite meals.

The ground chicken is sold in 1lb packages in the meat department by the chicken and turkey. You cook it in a skillet, just as you would ground beef and then add a package of taco seasoning and the water called for on the seasoning package. Then make your tacos as desired.

I have heard that ground turkey tastes the same as ground chicken and is good in tacos too, but I have not tried it. Ground turkey is supposed to be healthier than the chicken also.

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